Look around you
At your back and your front
At your left and your right
Can’t you see Her?
Here She Is
Here, there and everywhere
And in you yourself
Her presence is deeply felt
Her very existence
She is a Woman
It’s all about women!

Those people you see
Their houses you admire
Their cars you desire
Their lives they enjoy
Possible have been made
By Her
It’s all about woman!

You know:
As a child you spoke those first words
They are named: motherese
As we grow speaking that first language
They call it
Mother language
Our in-born intellect
Mothertec, so it’s known
All come from our mothers
Our very first women
It’s all about woman!

Women have ever since
Brought us to this world
Nurtured us with their kindness
Taught us with their knowledge
They can, therefore,
Do anything else
They are, therefore,
Everything else
It’s all about women!

We, men are
Nothing but images
Of theirs
Their success
Their happiness and
It’s all about women!

As bad as sometimes we become
Their failures
Their atrocities
No matter what
They never give up
Praises be to the Lord
For creating these creatures
The women
It’s all about women!

A poem on Women’s Day by Mohammed Ghassani
8th March 2007
Dar es Salaam

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